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Fix My Phone repair store can help with most smartphone models from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC Android, LG Android, Motorola Android and Blackberry phones. Please view the list below for specific models most frequently repaired. If your smartphone model is not listed, please contact us for a free diagnostic review. Fix My Phone will also buy your unwanted used phones; bring them by for an estimate and you can take the cash or trade it in for a new phone!

We’re Green, We Reuse & Recycle All Phone Parts, Batteries And Accessories

Something wrong with your iPhone? Fix My Phone, iPhone Repair can fix it. We provide the same high quality service and parts as Apple at a fraction of the price. All of our parts come direct from the manufacturer giving your product a factory finish.

Android based phones are sweeping the mobile phone market like a storm but every mobile device has its weakness and may need the screen repaired if it is dropped or smashed.

Blackberry Phones are workhorses for business people everywhere. These phones are currently in remodel mode with several new versions hitting the market.

Camera Repair


Glass replacement

Audio & Speaker Repair

Touch Display Repair

Water Damge Repair

Repair Liquid Damaged

Has your phone recently found its way into the toilet or been left in the rain and now has water damage in need of repair? The first thing you are going to think to do in this situation is to power it on. DON’T DO THAT!

We have had much success in repairing phones that have suffered liquid damage, but it is very important to get them taken care of as soon as possible. We recommend these simple steps for best results.  

1. If salt water or other highly corrosive liquids, take the damaged device and dip into fresh water 2 – 3 times. Just for a quick second dip and lightly shake the liquid out through the dock port on the bottom. This process is basically just rinsing the corrosive liquids out of the phone.  

2. Place the wet phone into a bag or a bowl with silica packets or either dry, uncooked rice. These materials will help to draw the moisture out of the phone. This is a time consuming process as it normally will take 4 – 5 days to completely remove all of the moisture.  

3. CALL US! We will disassemble, clean all components, and troubleshoot to get the damaged parts replaced. Our Water-Damage Repair Service normally takes about 24 hours and our success rate is quite high. The process of repairing your water damaged device doesn’t qualify for our on site services, but can still be picked up from your location.