Activate your new phone No Contracts, No Credit Checks No Deposits

If you are a new Fix My Phone customer: We can issue you a new, local number. Or if you want to use an existing phone number, you will need to provide your current account number. From there, we'll handle transferring your number to your new phone. Either way, it will all happen automatically right now.

Monthly4G plans are perfect for getting the most out of a great phone. To make it easy to buy and manage a Monthly4G plan.

Like to text? Pay as You Go is a great way to stay connected, with a price you can control.

Page Plus is just one of our pre paid options. We currently also offer T-Mobile's hot new 4g, pre pay plan as well as Go Smart. Fix My Phone in Foley Alabama we a re always trying to add the best features and programs for our customers. Consistently ranked high among wireless providers for low rates, flexible plans and exceptional customer service.