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A local business that prides themselves on providing a great experience. We are professional, convenient, and affordable.

We come to you! Our local technician will make arrangements so that he can visit you at a location of your choosing and complete your repair on the spot in minutes!

Cell Phone Repairs

Through hard work and dedication to his customers, Fox My Phone has become the leading iOS and Android repair specialist in the Gulf Shores area. You can find the Gulf Shores team here at, Fix My Phone greeting and serving their customers.

If you don't see him, that means he's probably in his operating room, bringing mobile devices back to life!

At Fix My Phone, we also sell restored phones at a discounted price, and have the largest selection of phone accessories in the area! Even if your device doesn't need a repair at the moment, stop in to see what we have to offer at our new location, or even just to say hello!

Call us today at (251) 943-3242. You can also leave us a message in our contact form. We frequently post updates about our services here and on our Facebook page. Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to helping you!

Broken Cell Phone Repair

Meet The Owners

Jessica and Eric Dolbear

Jessica Dolbear (owner) Has been in the wireless industry for 6 years. She has experience with Tmobile, Sprint and Verizon. She is also a trained, licensed and certified technician.

Eric Dolbear (owner) Has been in the wireless industry for over 13 years. Has experience with Nextel, Tmobile and Sprint. He is a trained,licensed and certified technician from each of the providers

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Jessica Dolbear Owner of Fix My PhoneEric Dolbear Owner Of Fix My Phone