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Welcome to Fix 4 My Phone, Inc. where we take iOS and Android devices as seriously as life itself. We’re excited to announce that we are now home to the “Gulf Coast iDoctor” for all of your smartphone and tablet needs.


Here, no repair or customization is too big or too small for our “iDoctor” Eric Dolbear. From jailbreaks, battery replacements, to our popular screen repairs, we handle it all. Whether you own an iOS device or one of the many Android devices, Eric has the experience to restore your phone or tablet to full health, add customizations, or both. He has successfully operated on phones that have been dropped, flooded, and even crushed by automobiles.


At Fix 4 My Phone, we pride ourselves in being able to offer many same-day repairs . We know that your mobile device is one of the most essential ways you stay connected with the world. It’s a major inconvenience to wait for days while your phone or tablet is being repaired. Often, many repairs are postponed for this reason. That’s why we carry a full stock of inventory… to handle even the most extensive repairs and customizations right away. Many of our customers walk in and leave with their devices fully repaired in a single visit.


You can either drop off your iOS or Android device and let the iDoctor call you when when your repair is finished, or sit in our comfortable waiting room while he diagnoses and repairs your device on the spot









Fix 4 My Phone Cell Phone and Wireless Devices Repair and Service A local business that prides themselves on providing a great experience. We are professional, convenient, and affordable. We Come to You! Our local technician will make arrangements so that he can visit you at a location of your choosing and complete your repair on the spot in minutes! Cell Phone and Wireless Device Repairs Through hard work and dedication to his customers, Fix 4 My Phone has become the leading iOS and Android repair specialist in the Gulf Shores area. You can find the Gulf Shores team here at , Fix 4 My Phone greeting and serving their customers. If you don’t see him, that means he’s probably in his operating room, bringing mobile devices back to life. At Fix 4 My Phone, we also sell restored phones at a discounted price, and have the largest selection of phone accessories in the area. Even if your device doesn’t need a repair at the moment, stop in to see what we have to offer at our new location, or even just to say hello. Call us today at 251-943-3242. You can also leave us a message in our contact form. We frequently post updates about our services here and on our Facebook page. Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to helping you!
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